our school shoes are now available on

Our shoes are hand-made with love and passion by professional shoe makers in Europe.

We understand the importance of having good quality, comfortable shoes for those precious little feet. Our school shoes collection for boys and girls is available on amazon.co.uk.

Our products are specially made to tackle majority of challenges that parents are faced with on a daily basis.

We also make sure that our shoes incorporate unique features at affordable prices.

These are no ordinary shoes, these are shoes made with love and attention to detail. Happy wearing, little feet!

100% hand-made genuine leather shoes

Our shoes are made only from 100% genuine leather and with majority of soles being produced in Italy.

Heel counter

Provides extra support to the heel and keeps the foot in a correct position.

Toe bumper

Toe bumpers add that extra protection to little toes and importantly prevents shoes from being worn down with active children.

antibacterial insoles

Textile lining in shoes may produce bacteria and result in an unpleasant smell. Hence, we have made sure that our insoles are antibacterial leather and not textile.

Comfotable fastening

Majority of our shoes have riptape fastening or a side zip. It is an easy and comfortable way of putting shoes on.

footica school shoe

Shoes Collection Preview

These plus more products are available to purchase on amazon.co.uk.


We would love to see all children wearing comfortable shoes and say with joy: "My feet are so happy!

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